ViSUAL WORX; A highly energetic CGI and Design agency at the leading edge of digital production.

ViSUAL WORX is at the forefront of VFX, Animation, CGI visualisation and the new wave of VR digital media. Our studio has grown to be a major supplier of CGI in the UK with some large international clients.

Expanding into architecture, advertising, VR, TV and Media, our studio started producing visualisations and animations for architects, developers and advertising agencies. Using the same technology currently employed by Hollywood visual effects studios, our team has helped with projects ranging from small budget indi films to £500 Million development schemes.

Our extensive range of skill sets allows us to successfully compete for and deliver a wide range of projects such as working with major Architectural and Advertising agency’s to produce interior and exterior seductive CGI visuals and animations.

We craft captivating computer generated content and since 2008 we’ve worked tirelessly at the intersection of creativity and technology to help our clients and brands unleash the full potential of their visual assets.

Our highly talented team thrive on engaging with our clients to produce stunning visual content, whilst building meaningful and lasting relationships. Obsessed with the details, we ensure every pixel of our work is perfect.

Offering complete services from ideas to execution and production. We have every aspect of production covered, whatever the scale and deadline.

ViSUAL WORX specialises in 3d Visualisation, VR, Animation, VFX, Film and Branding.


Still CGI images produced from architects plans, variations of image quality dependent on client budget.
Using 3ds max, v-ray and photoshop combined to create the perfect realistic CGI.


Stunning 3D Visual effects can be produced on any project or product.
3D Animation services to create adverts, new development marketing videos and much more.


We use game technologies, but we’re not building games. We’re harnessing VR to add real, measurable value to business and education. We started with architecture, bringing together an experienced development team to help our clients visualise and promote buildings before construction starts.

Unreal Internal 360 Demo
GlassWorks by Digital Fire


People choose brands in the same way they choose friends, attracted or repelled by particular sets of characteristics. Consumers don’t buy what you do, they make decisions based on how you make them feel. We listen to your needs and understand what you care about.


VFX involves the creation of images and sequences for film, TV, animation and games that are otherwise too difficult, expensive or impossible to create on set. Special FX is the name for what is created on set, for example explosions, animatronics and models. Please get in touch for more info.


ViSUAL WORX Creates stunning, very realistic and cost-effective computer-generated images and animations of your design projects,